Dieter Waiblinger

Dieter relocated from Germany to the US in 1981 and has enjoyed many fun and successful years as director, manager, and founder of private language schools, translation services, and other enterprises. He is an entrepreneur at heart and always loves to come up with interesting ideas and invites others to build them into reality. Being a father of a young boy himself, he relates to kids and decided to combine his love for sailing and education to create Sail2Change. An organization to help at-risk and underserved kids to have a real chance in life, where money or background isn’t determining the kids’ future.



Katie Allen

Katie specializes in Recreation, Tourism Management, and Sustainability. Her primary expertise lies in outdoor recreation and administration. Katie has developed an Outdoor Survival camp for Middle School aged youth and lead a group of young adult backpackers through the Goat Rock Mountains. She has volunteered in Central America to help families build sustainable infrastructure, learn English, and how to implement sustainable practices within their lifestyles. 



Bruce McKinnon

Bruce grew up hiking, fishing and hunting with friends and family in his native State of Oregon, benefitting early on from the tranquility and self-confidence that comes with challenging oneself in the majesty of mother nature. An accomplished C-Suite executive, Bruce was recruited after graduating from Portland State University to join a Fortune 500 company where he quickly rose through the ranks. As he progressed through a series of senior roles, he traveled extensively where he enjoyed learning new cultures and developing deep relationships with peers in many foreign countries around the world. After leaving the big company environment, Bruce became an entrepreneur, having founded and sold a group of small companies in the real estate and construction industry. Realizing he missed the international element, Bruce decided to return to corporate life as Chief Operating Officer of a growing high-tech company, where he led the organization through a global expansion. 

Bruce is passionate about mentorship, realizing the significance of the guidance he received from his mentors along the way. As a servant leader, he believes in the concept of paying-it-forward, and eagerly offers mentorship to anyone who is enthusiastic about their own personal and professional development. As a father of four thriving adult children, Bruce naturally gravitates to helping young people, believing every child deserves a chance to reach his or her full potential. As a former Outdoor School Counselor with Clackamas County Schools, he witnessed first-hand how well kids learn, adapt and function as a community in an outdoor environment. Bruce is excited to contribute his world-class global organizational leadership, and personal mentorship, to help the Sail2Change team achieve its lofty goals.

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Madelyn Damewood-Rose

Madelyn specializes in Human Resources and Diversity, equity, and inclusion work. She started working in the natural gas industry and has since worked for a food justice non-profit to athletic and apparel organizations. Madelyn has been in Portland for three years and loves the nature that surrounds her. In her free time, Madelyn enjoys reading and tends to her large plant collection.


Savenia Falquist

Savenia was born and raised in Portland, OR.  She currently is the Executive Director for Community Mediation Services in Vancouver, WA and previously was the Executive Director for Henderson House in McMinnville, OR.  Her career has focused on children and families in Oregon and Washington for the past 25 years. Savenia received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award in 2007 for her work in Jefferson County Oregon.


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Rachael Gingrich

Rachael was born and raised in the Midwest - though spent some time living abroad as a child as a result of her father's work.  She developed a deep appreciation for learning about new cultures and fostering close relationships with the people who surround her.  During college, Rachael spent a semester abroad in Peru where she studied Spanish, lived with two Peruvian families, and was immersed in Peruvian culture.  After college, Rachael re-located to Denver, CO and spent her nursing career as a bedside nurse, then nurse leader, within Medical Oncology at Kaiser Permanente.  In 2019, Rachael, her husband, and two young boys continued west to Portland, Oregon.  She is currently a Regional Practice Director for Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Genetic services for Northwest Permanente (affiliated with Kaiser Permanente Northwest). Rachael and her family hold a deep appreciation for the outdoors, and all the beauty that the PNW has to offer - they spend all the time they can outdoors, exploring and adventuring. Rachael firmly believes in working toward dismantling structures of oppression, and strives to uphold this belief at work as a servant leader, and also in her personal life.  Rachael also believes that our "children are our future" and it is our collective responsibility to set them up for success so that each child has equal access to opportunities ahead.


T.J. McHugh

T.J. has an extensive knowledge of communications, strategic planning, marketing and brand building and has worked in North America, The Netherlands, and Russia.  He has 20 years of experience as a a global director for large brands including Nike, Target, Macy’s, and Sportmaster.  Since returning home to Portland from abroad he has focused on making a difference locally volunteering with many non-profits and running communications for political campaigns.

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Milan Taelor-Wills

Exploring the importance of community and acquisition for over ten years, Milan Wills combines her professional technical acumen with a social savvy in service to connecting people. Her experience delivering technical solutions and forward-thinking guidance for a variety of established businesses, start-ups, and brands took root in her passion for music and the boom of the 2009 "Green Rush" era. This Southern California native is a unique byproduct of Diverse Ethnic Upbringing and The Alternative Learning School system. Since moving to Portland Milan has made it her aim to take an active role in building community, making a difference, and fulfilling collective purpose. 

"Together we are better, better is created together" 

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Billy Van Der Wal

Billy was born and raised in Rhode Island and grew up sailing. He started sailing Optimists when he was eight years old, moved into larger dinghies, and eventually worked and raced old America's Cup boats (12 meters) as a summer job throughout college, where he studied Sociology and Urban Studies. He taught sailing in New York City to both kids and adults, and is an avid proponent of outdoor education and spreading the exciting world of sailing! More recently, Billy has been stoking his passion for alternative education and exploring more innovative and engaging models for educating kids.

Board Recruitment

We are recruiting for Board of Directors. This is an extraordinary opportunity for individuals who are passionate about Sail2change's mission and want to contribute to youth success in the great Portland area.  



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