We are inspired to support our nation’s marginalized youth and we want YOU to be a part of their success!


Wilderness guides will instruct and supervise groups of 9th graders as they immerse themselves in the wilderness for the first time. Guides will provide presentations with support from staff on topics such as edible plants, building fires and shelters, navigation, ecology, and a few others depending on your expertise. Guides will stay in the wilderness for the duration of the camp and take part in all activities such as hiking, cooking, game time, swimming, etc. Guides need to be able to hike a minimum of 5 miles per day for a 7 day period. (5 days in a campground, 7 days on the trail) For further details, see Job Responsibilities.


A youth mentor is also responsible for helping the youth establish their personal goals like improving academic grades or pursuing a degree in college. A youth mentor is also responsible for guiding and helping children make action plans. It is also a youth mentor's responsibility to motivate and inspire children.