Dieter Waiblinger


Email: dieter@sail2change.org

Dieter relocated from Germany to the US in 1981 and has enjoyed many fun and successful years as director, manager, and founder of private language schools, translation services, and other enterprises. He is an entrepreneur at heart and always loves to come up with interesting ideas and invites others to build them into reality. Being a father of a young boy himself, he relates to kids and decided to combine his love for sailing and education to create Sail2Change - An organization to help at-risk and underserved kids to have a real chance in life, where money or background is not a determining factor for the kids future success. 


Katie Allen

Administrative Director 

Email: katie@sail2change.org

Katie specializes in Recreation, Tourism Management, and Sustainability. Her primary expertise lies in outdoor recreation and administration. Katie has developed an outdoor survival camp for middle school-aged youth and lead a group of young adult backpackers through the Goat Rock Mountains. She volunteered in Central America to help families build sustainable infrastructure, learn English, and learn how to implement sustainable practices within their lifestyles. 

Ashley Barnes

Outreach Director & Program Assistant

Email: ashley@sail2change.org

Ashley was very excited to join the Sail2Change team to combine her love of the outdoors with her desire to do meaningful work in our community and BEYOND! She found students for our pilot program and had the pleasure of going into the wilderness with them to see first hand as they bonded and grew into stronger versions of themselves. Seeing her work culminate into a group of smiling, dirty faces is what is currently driving her as she starts the process of reaching out for the next round of participants. Ashley loves the Pacific Northwest and can be found camping, hiking, and strolling the beach throughout the year. She is always looking for new opportunities for our youth to participate in and ways to connect to the community. Say hello!

Michelle Bruncks

Program Director

Email: michelle@sail2change.org

Michelle Bruncks is a former educator, a linguist, cyclist, and world traveler. She grew up in the PNW, but as a dual citizen, calls both the US and Germany home. After 4+ years working abroad as a teacher, administrator, and advocate in language and outdoor schools, she has returned home to Portland. Michelle is passionate about providing aid and community to the world’s refugees and marginalized populations and has done so in her work with refugee communities abroad and in Portland through IRCO. Backpacking and cycle touring are very dear to her heart as a means of learning about other people and exploring our world. You can often find her working on her bike or off on a trail. Michelle is thrilled to work with Sail2Change and provide youth with the opportunity to test themselves and their abilities, and make lasting friendships.