Sail2Change is a nonprofit organization, aspiring to improve community equity by empowering our youth through access, opportunity, authentic relationships, and alternative outdoor education.

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Our goal is for each child to have a post-high school plan and a sense of hope and purpose while building a community where they feel safe to discover the best version of themselves.

Our vision is to provide meaningful experiences for our youth to learn new skills, build self-confidence, and be immersed in opportunities they may have never had access to before. Through our partners, sponsors, and supporters, we can build a community where our youth feel safe to discover the best version of themselves.

Sail2Change is deeply appreciative of our sponsors and advocates in their commitment to enriching the lives of youth. Their contributions enhance the quality of our organization.


Through outdoor experiences such as sailing and monthly recreation events, the youth in our programs will be provided the tools to help build self-confidence, learn stress management techniques, conquer fears, along with increasing both physical endurance and mental strength.



The youth we serve will gain authentic relationships and support with local community partners, staff, peers, and mentors throughout their experiences.

Sail2Change also provides each of their participants with a trained mentor. 


Spending time outside has significant personal development and wide-ranging health benefits. Exposure to nature contributes to physical wellbeing by reducing blood pressure, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. 


Our goal is to help close the gap between lower and middle class by providing alternative education that serves as a pipeline for work opportunities in industries that desperately need diversity.  



We will partner with schools, vocational programs, and companies to provide job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, mentorship (all the ships!), plus career fair and other hands-on learning and volunteer opportunities for youth to get a feel for the industry.


With the support of our partners, we provide sailing education, mentorship, and a pipeline to careers in the maritime and marine science industries. Everything we offer our youth is free of charge.



Sail2Change is a long term program that is free for our participants. We have cultivated multiple partnerships in a wide range of communities, to provide access to recreational activities with specialized educational programs, and serve as a pipeline for diverse career opportunities.


We serve all genders and individuals of all backgrounds.

We provide services to students seeking support for emotional and behavioral complications,low-academic performance, and students experiencing a disconnection from the traditional school environment.


NONPROFIT 501 (C) (3)

We are proud to support and be supported by our community.


Serving the Pacific Northwest

Based in Portland, Oregon


Providing more opportunities in nature is a great way to teach future generations that they don't need to choose between the economy and our environment. Our participants cultivate a sense of connection and responsibility as stewards of the land and sea.


We offer a longterm program for students that provides Recreation through sailing, Mentorship and Job and Career Readiness 

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