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Sail2Change has teamed up NauticEd to offer donors free, online and mobile device sailing courses for complete beginners through advanced training - All surpassing international standards.
When you donate you will automatically receive lifetime access to online courses. Donate more and receive other courses to keep for yourself, give to a friend, or pass along to a Sail2Change teen!

*Please note, for certain courses, in-person sailing is required, plus further education to become licensed and certified. For example, “Captain Online Course” does not mean you will become a certified captain, although you will learn important information related to accomplishing this goal.


or become a recurring, monthly donor and receive:

Qualified Crew Rank ($45 value)

Learn to sail and contribute as a crew member on a keelboat from 25 ft to 55 ft. Learn the lines, knots, sailing terminology, sail trim, helming, and rules of the road plus much more.


Skipper Small Boat Rank ($54 value) 

Learn the essentials to confidently and competently sail a small keelboat up to 25 ft.


EIN 82-5281174


or become a recurring, monthly donor at $35/month and receive:

Bareboat Charter Master Online Course ($226.50 value) 

Have some sailing experience? This is the best value starter bundle.


EIN 82-5281174


or become a recurring, monthly donor at $20/month and receive:

Skipper Rank (Large Keelboat) 

($106.50 value) 

A must for day sailors of larger keelboats 26 ft to 56 ft (8m to 17m) looking to gain or strengthen core competencies.If you're wanting to learn to sail or improve your sailing skills then the Skipper Course is right for you.


EIN 82-5281174


or become a recurring, monthly donor at $50/month and receive:

The Captain's Bundle ($382.50 value)

 Lifetime access to NauticEd’s most comprehensive package for serious blue water sailing world wide know how. This bundle includes all 10 courses offered at NauticEd.


EIN 82-5281174

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  Your contribution directly impacts the lives of youth by providing resources and tools for personal growth  

 through long term educational programs, local community events, and mentorship. 


EIN 82-5281174

Sail2Change relies on individuals, private foundations, businesses, service organizations, and public support to help our students succeed. We are deeply grateful to all of our donors for supporting our students and programs.


Monthly giving provides financial stability, program consistency, and added fundraising savings through recurring monthly donations.


$20 Monthly Events for one student 


-Rock Climbing



& so much more

$65 Monthly Mentorship for one student

-1 hour a week with a trained mentor

$90 Monthly Educational Programs 

-Beginner and Intermediate Sailing 


-Overnight Sailing Trips

-NauticEd Curriculum



$800 Mentorship

-4 hours a month with a trained mentor 


$1,060 Educational Programs

-Beginning Sailing

-Intermediate Sailing

-Siebel Sailor Program

-STEM Events

-NauticEd Curriculum 

-Overnight Sailing


$2,600 Entire Year

-Educational Programs

-Monthly Events


-School and Career Guidance


Amazon will donate 0.5% to Sail2Change when you shop using this link: 


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Partnering with local organizations presents opportunities for our youth to expand their experiences, relationships, and community connection.