Your contribution directly impacts the lives of youth by providing resources and tools for personal growth through long term educational programs, local community events, and mentorship.


$3,300 Entire program + Mentorship

$200 Gear for Summer Program

$250 Meals for the entire Summer Program


$164,400 Entire Summer Program for 50 youth

$103,300 Wilderness Survival + Mentorship

$61,200 Sailing & Nautical Education + Mentorship

$600 Annually for Monthly Educational Events


Monthly giving provides financial stability, program consistency, and added fundraising savings through recurring, monthly donations.

My son learned teamwork, beyond what any sport could have taught him. When you are out in nature, you become one with the earth-- you become more grounded. My son arrived home, more grounded, confident and even seemed to have a different level of respect for me. I mentioned before that we enjoy camping as a family. Ironically, after my son came back from his trip, our family had packed for our annual family camping trip. Camping as a single mother is a lot of work! This time around, my son pitched in and helped with just about all tasks. He started our campfire on his own, without the “cheat” resources (firestarters or other man-made materials). On this trip, my son seemed to enjoy not only being around family, but he also enjoyed nature with a newfound respect and appreciation.


Partnering with local organizations presents opportunities for our youth to expand their experiences, relationships, and community connection.


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"I remember taking a trip to my local outdoor/sporting goods store, only to find out just how expensive backpacking gear was. As a single mother, I have learned to make ends meet, so he would go on the trip and he would have the gear needed to complete the trip. However, this meant things might be a little tight that month, for our household. A few days later, families of camping participants received an email, letting us know that backpacking gear was donated and that we need not go out and purchase anything. Wow! This was such a blessing."

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