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Bruce McKinnon


Bruce grew up hiking, fishing and hunting with friends and family in his native State of Oregon, benefitting early on from the tranquility and self-confidence that comes with challenging oneself in the majesty of mother nature.


An accomplished C-Suite executive, Bruce was recruited after graduating from Portland State University to join a Fortune 500 company where he quickly rose through the ranks. As he progressed through a series of senior roles, he traveled extensively where he enjoyed learning new cultures and developing deep relationships with peers in many foreign countries around the world. After leaving the big company environment, Bruce became an entrepreneur, having founded and sold a group of small companies in the real estate and construction industry. Realizing he missed the international element, Bruce decided to return to corporate life as Chief Operating Officer of a growing high-tech company, where he led the organization through a global expansion.


Bruce is passionate about mentorship, realizing the significance of the guidance he received from his mentors along the way. As a servant leader, he believes in the concept of paying-it-forward, and eagerly offers mentorship to anyone who is enthusiastic about their own personal and professional development.


As a father of four thriving adult children, Bruce naturally gravitates to helping young people, believing every child deserves a chance to reach his or her full potential. As a former Outdoor School Counselor with Clackamas County Schools, he witnessed first-hand how well kids learn, adapt and function as a community in an outdoor environment. Bruce is excited to contribute his world-class global organizational leadership, and personal mentorship, to help the Sail2Change team achieve its lofty goals.

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