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We hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and taking care of one another during the COVID-19 situation. Because of uncertain circumstances ahead, we are saddened to say, we are forced to cancel the main sailing section of our program this year. We will begin recruiting students in September to attend our full program for summer 2021. However, our commitment to youth has not wavered,. Underserved youth in 8th - 12th grade are invited to attend monthly recreation events. Sign your student up HERE to receive exclusive invitations for those events as restrictions lift. Until then, we have FREE, online curriculum and educational materials under our “Resources" tab.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on events for all ages, especially our new livestreams planned for the upcoming months.

We look forward to getting in the great outdoors again with you soon!

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We asked the community what our youth and families need to thrive.

In 2020, we sent out a survey to learn how we can relieve some of the burden resulting from COVID and what services are desired by youth and families in our community. We surveyed over 250 parents/guardians, school staff/community members, and students in the greater Portland area. The most requested service per survey was recreational activities, mentorshipjob training, and college readiness programs.

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Our goal is to provide alternative education that supports career opportunities in the maritime and marine science field.

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Our goal is to provide alternative education that supports career opportunities in the maritime and marine science field.




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The youth we serve will gain authentic relationships and support with local community partners, staff, peers, and mentors throughout their experiences. Sail2Change offers one-on-one mentorship for a year, along with academic and emotional support.

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Our participants gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence while building a community where they feel safe to discover the best version of themselves.



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Swimming Lessons

Rescue Swimming

First Aid & CPR

Boat Safety Equipment

Personal Safety Gear

Emergency Procedures

Sailboat Orientation

Knot Tying

Parts of the Boats , Rigging, Sail

Point of Sail 

Tracking & Jibing

Man Overboard

Navigation Rules

Crew Coordination, Rules & Communication 

Weather Basics

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Our partners from Island Sailing Club and Willamette Sailing Club will teach all students the basics of sailing with the end goal of students being self-sufficient on the water in dinghy and other small sailboats. In our "Learn to Sail" class we cover points of sail, basic knots, parts of a sailboat, basic rigging, teamwork on the boat, and much more. Each day we begin with a classroom session to teach new concepts and review the past day, followed by as much on water time as possible. While there is a focus on education and safety there is no shortage of fun to be had. With day trips around Ross Island, sailing into downtown Portland and anywhere else you can travel to by way of water and wind.

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Sail2Change will develop a mentorship connection which will begin at the end of the 10th Grade summer program and will last for one year. This program is available for all students. Each mentor will be assigned to a small group of students who can reach out to the mentor whenever there is an urgent need.  Especially the students that are selected to return the following year will be mentored on a regular basis in order to keep these students involved and prepared for the following year. The mentorship program will continue at the beginning of the third year for the returning students and will last until they graduate from high school.

"As time grew closer to departure for the trip, I grew anxious. More so, when I received an email stating that a swim competency test would occur prior to the trip. Up until summer 2019, my son was a 3rd generation, non-swimmer-in fact, he is the only one of my four children who can swim. Through Sail2Change, my son learned how to swim. My son, who is a very confident young man, had too much pride when he arrived at Columbia Park, where the test/meet and greet was held. I could feel his energy, he was anxious, worried and even a little upset, that he would have to unveil his hidden truth of not knowing how to swim. I will never forget, the Sail2Change staff, just got it. They did not pressure my son in front of his peers; instead they allowed him to save face. One of the Sail2Change swim instructors took a calm and cool approach to my son. The instructor waited until many-- if not all of the other teens left and stayed after to provide my son with a 1:1 swim lesson. Finally, my son learned how to swim in about an hour or so-- that quick! In that moment, my son’s confidence grew. It was also at that time that I realized my son would be in good hands."

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