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Career Paths

Maritime Industry Careers

Get an inside look from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.


Marine Engineer

Naval Architect

Ocean Engineer

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Find your Path

Explore careers from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.


Forest Engineer
Field Forester
Wildland Firefighter
Fish Biologist

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What's your STEM + X?

STEM + X is how you create your dream career.

Take a STEM discipline, and mix in your X (your passion, hobby, area of interest, etc.) and you’ve got a one of a kind career.

Take the QUIZ and find out!

Virtual Career Fair

Exploring careers in

STEM and nature.


Mechanical Engineer

Environmental Advocate

Wildlife Ecologist

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Virtual Career Fair - Round 2

Discover careers in Forestry,

Conservation, and Engineering!


Conservation and Community Engagement
Forestry, Policy, and Outreach
Environmental Engineer

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Maritime and Transportation Careers

The maritime and transportation industry offers exciting work, an important mission, and a well-paying career. There is also a huge need for workers. 

Do you enjoy working…
...with your hands?
...outdoors or in non-traditional environments?
...on teams?
...in situations where you have to solve problems creatively?

We might have a plan for you. 

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More Coming Soon!

Check back weekly for more great lessons!

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