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Environmental Science

Virtual Field Trip to Boeing

Join Boeing and Discovery Education as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the ecoAction Virtual Field Trip.

Investigate the themes of air, land, water, and waste as you explore how you can do their part to improve the environment as well as how a large company like Boeing is doing its part, too.

Video + Activities + Internet Scavenger Hunts

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Recording the Rainforest

Watch how scientists at the Nature Conservancy have used sound to learn about the forest and how best to protect it.

Video & Quiz + Discussion Questions

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Fighting Fire with Fire

Can Fire Positively Impact an Ecosystem?

Watch as "Burn Bosses" in Florida use fire to benefit plants, animals, and people.

Video + Quiz, Discussion Questions

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Play Cornucopia

While playing Cornucopia—a fast-paced farm simulator—you manage a plot of land, planting crops based on a number of factors, in order to meet a variety of food orders.

Keep an eye on your water meter and your crop yields, and earn technology upgrades to make your farm as successful as possible before the season ends.

Online Game  

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Environmental Science Journal for Teens

Cutting Edge Peer-Reviewed Science Research Adapted for Students and their Teachers.

Click below for articles and discussion questions.

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i-Tree Design

How does planting a tree effect you and your family personally?

Virtually plant a tree near your home and see just how much your family can save in heating and cooling costs! How is the air quality effected? What about greenhouse gasses?

Click the link below to try it out.

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More Coming Soon!

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