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Marine Science


Learn about 5 of Oregon's underwater neighbors.

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Designing Solutions:

The Marine Debris Problem

Have you ever had a great idea about something, but didn’t know how to shape it into a solution?

Using the design process you'll develop a solution to a major global challenge: marine debris threatening our ocean and marine life.

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Deep Sea Exploration

What discoveries and human benefits have resulted from exploration of the Earth’s deep ocean?

Internet Treasure Hunt + Discussion Questions + Extension Activity

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Fishing for a Future

Watch how a group of divers are making a huge impact on their local ecosystem.

Video & Quiz + Discussion Questions

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Cuba: The Accidental Eden

- Coral Reefs

This video from Nature follows a marine biologist as he explores the variety of corals, fish and other wildlife in Cuba’s tropical waters, and considers why Cuba’s reefs are so healthy in comparison with those in the rest of the world.

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Dolphins and Porpoises

Learn about species of dolphins and porpoises with 5 of those in the waters off Oregon's coast. These include the awe-inspiring killer whale, and the charming and intelligent bottlenose dolphin.

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