Wildlife Science

Wildlife Burrows

Research an animal of your choosing and recreate the animal den or burrow you've researched by drawing a model and creating a 3D version.

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Animal Coloration

Learn how animals use color to protect themselves from predators.

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Coyotes, Foxes, and Wolves

Test your knowledge of Oregon's candiae families.

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Zoom, spin, and glide around 3D scans of over 700 scientific specimens—including over 150 mammal, reptile, and bird skulls.

See what you can learn about the animals behind the scans: By comparing a variety of characteristics—from tusks to eye sockets—you’ll learn more about how these creatures protect themselves and interact with the world.

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Cougars, Bobcats, and Canada Lynxes.

Learn how to identify them, their habits, and how to avoid a dangerous situation.

We also thew in Ocelots and Jaguars just for fun!

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More Coming Soon!

Check back weekly for more great lessons!

Image by Maciej Pienczewski

More Coming Soon!

Check back weekly for more great lessons!

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