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Sail2Change Youth Mentor

Sail2Change is a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon whose mission is to improve community equity by empowering youth through access, opportunity, authentic relationships, and alternative outdoor education.


We work with underserved high school-aged youth to present them with opportunities to learn sailing, explore career paths, provide academic tutors when needed, and pair them with a caring mentor. All of this serves to support them throughout high school and set them up for success as they transition to adulthood. We are seeking qualified mentors to support 1 to 3 teenage youth beginning immediately. People of color are encouraged to apply!


The purpose of the mentor is to establish a relationship with the adolescent as a positive adult role model and friend. The mentor will encourage their mentee to discover new aspects of their self, to set goals for their future, and to be a support system.

Since one of the three pillars of Sail2Change programming is helping youth find success after high school, we ask that our mentors spend a fair portion of the time helping their mentee explore career and higher education opportunities. We hope you, as a mentor, can teach the mentee things they cannot necessarily learn in school and offer advice if they seek it.

This relationship should be rewarding for you as well, as you are making a potentially life changing difference in this young person’s world. You will be learning, growing, exercising compassion, and gaining new experiences right alongside your mentee, in addition to offering much needed support. We only accept mentors who are committed and excited to join our team.

Time Commitment:

Initial commitment period is for six months, with a strong preference for mentors that are able to extend this commitment.



$13.50 per hour for the first 4 hours of interaction, per mentee, per month ($54 total/ mentee)

+ Up to $50 reimbursement for expenses paid out of pocket


Schedule and Location:

Due to COVID-19, all meetings will be held virtually unless otherwise organized by Sail2Change. Video conferencing will account for 50% or more of the interactions, in addition to phone calls (preferred), emails, and texting (minimal).

This position offers a flexible schedule with hours ranging from 4-12 a month. Mentors may have up to three mentees (4 hours dedicated to each) and must be able to provide sufficient energy and care to each person. While we prefer you to spend one hour per week, you may do one four-hour activity per month to count towards this with possible compensation for expenses by Sail2Change.



  • Assist with the personal development of 1 - 3 mentees, especially helping the mentee/s achieve their goals

  • Provide learning opportunities for their mentee/s, especially those related to their success after high school (college and career exploration)

  • Commit to at least six months of mentoring at four hours or more per month, per mentee'

  • Respond to their mentee/s within two working days

  • Keep track of their time spent mentoring and will include a brief summary of the activities, which they will submit via Google Forms (which we will send to you)

  • Report challenges, problems, endangerment, and abuse, especially those cases which fall under “Mandated Reporting” status

  • Respect the differences between themself and their mentee and their family Look out for the welfare of their mentee


  • Experience working with high school aged youth

  • Experience with diverse, low socio-economic, and/or underserved populations or life experiences which pertain to this

  • Knowledge and experience relevant to diversity, equity, inclusion, social and environmental justice, with a willingness to learn more

  • Patient, flexible, and enthusiastic to learn from a young person and their family Self starter and works well independently

  • Dedicated to the role of mentor


Training/Resources Provided:

Sail2Change offers paid training, plus ongoing support and training from Sail2Change staff and fellow mentors. Each mentor will be periodically provided with relevant reading materials to enhance their mentor-mentee relationship, create new learning opportunities, to understand youth cognitive development, and to discuss important and thought provoking topics. Regular check ins will occur and a staff member will be available to problem solve with each mentor to best meet the needs of their mentee.

Please send your resume, along with an explanation of why you are interested in becoming a mentor, to: info@sail2change.org


Please visit our website and follow us on social media to learn more about us!


Facebook/Instagram: Sail2Change


Sail2Change is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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