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Summer - Certified Sailing Instructor Training @ Willamette Sailing Club

  • Staggered 2 weeks of workplace skill-building in Portland and Vancouver (public speaking, resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, etc.)

  • 3-5 days of on-site job shadowing with chosen company


School Year - Mentorship, Recreational Events, Overnight Sailing Trips, Support

  • Students are paired with a mentor for the school year  *Mentors are mandatory for year one and will be supplied upon request for years two, three, and four. 

  • An academic tutor will be supplied if requested 

  • One in-person event each month (hiking, sailing, climbing, movie screenings)

  • Students will be encouraged to join the HS Sailing team on scholarships

  • NauticEd courses will be supplied to increase sailing knowledge outside of summer months and in-person events

  • Overnight sailing trips (2-4 days trips to Government Island, St. Helens, Beacon Rock) *must have completed beginner’s sailing to participate

  • Access to STEM field trips and career fairs 

  • Volunteer work: students are required to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per year to participate in programming

  • Receive staff assistance to apply for TWIC and/or MMC (Maritime Credentials)

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